A Little Question

Imagine you are a doctor. A deaf person comes to you because they are experiencing depression. They, it turns out, have several symptoms beyond depression. These are digestive discomfort, poor appetite, problems with constipation, difficulty getting to sleep and feeling listless, high blood pressure and sometimes they get overcome with anxiety or experience headaches.

This collection of symptoms are, you quickly realise, indicative of someone who is suffering from stress. There could be other causes and of course you organise for them to undergo a few tests to be sure. The tests don’t reveal anything to counter your initial suspicion.

What would your initial diagnosis be? What questions would you ask them at this point?


Do you decide that this person is deaf and that what we are seeing here are caused by them being a deaf person?


scripted to the accomaniment of:

Röyksopp, The Inevitable End, 2014


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