Infinite Diversity: The Munster Model

The ‘Munster Model‘ is at the heart
of everything presented here.

It is an Autistic-centred description
of what it means to live an Autistic life.

The model is founded on three simple ideas:
– all Autistics are human
– every human act has a reason
– each human strives to do their best

Everything required
to understand, respect and appreciate
the inherent dignity and value of Autistics
is right there.

  • Emotions and control

    21st Jul 2020 by

    What is an emotion? No, I don’t mean ‘can you name off some emotions,’ I mean ‘can you describe or explain what an emotion is, can you say what this ‘emotion’ stuff is, can you describe how they work?’ It’s not easy, to be fair. Let’s step back a bit. What causes an emotion to… Read more

  • About Being a Human in Isolation

    25th Mar 2020 by

    We are all human. That means, however we might go about interacting with others (or not), we have human bodies, exist within human societies, and have human experiences, thoughts, feelings, desires, needs and so on. Same for a five-year old kid as for an 85-year old. Certainly our knowledge, experiences, and how we express ourselves will vary person to person, but the mechanisms that drive all that are essentially the same.

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