Infinite Diversity: The Munster Model

The ‘Munster Model‘ is at the heart
of everything presented here.

It is an Autistic-centred description
of what it means to live an Autistic life.

The model is founded on three simple ideas:
– all Autistics are human
– every human act has a reason
– each human strives to do their best

Everything required
to understand, respect and appreciate
the inherent dignity and value of Autistics
is right there.

  • a few words about stimming – part one

    7th Jul 2021 by

    Seriously though, what are stims actually for, because when we look at the kinds of things people talk about, a lot of it focuses on Regulation and Communication. How can one kind of activity do both those thing, because if you give it a moment’s thought, they are not exactly similar. To start with, communication is all about interacting with the environment, and in particular the other humans in that environment – it is all about reaching out, sending signals. But regulation is the opposite, being focused in on internal states and maybe also on sensory experiences – the environment entering your thoughts, not your thoughts entering the environment.

  • Emotions and control

    21st Jul 2020 by

    What is an emotion? No, I don’t mean ‘can you name off some emotions,’ I mean ‘can you describe or explain what an emotion is, can you say what this ‘emotion’ stuff is, can you describe how they work?’ It’s not easy, to be fair. Let’s step back a bit. What causes an emotion to… Read more

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